About Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a dance professional based in Northern New Jersey. She specializes in West Coast Swing, but her movement background is comprised of a diverse training in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, improv, ballroom, latin, cheer, gymnastics, martial arts, various sports, and yoga.

Her formal movement training began at the age of five in martial arts. Being the daughter of a 8th degree black belt and international master instructor in Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do, she was enrolled in children’s classes at her father‘s dojo. That training continued for a few years until it became overwhelmingly clear that Jacqueline’s interests laid elsewhere when she would dance to Jock Jams in the back studio by herself instead of attending karate class with her friends.

At the age of eight she began her journey into the performing arts. Her early dance training was in jazz, tap, ballet, acro dance, and musical theatre through her participation in competitive teams and youth theater companies. In late middle school she added cheer to her list of activities, in which she was also competitive.

Throughout high school dance began to take a back seat to her other interests, and she spent more time pursuing art, music, theater, english, and media studies. In college she was originally on track to earn a BFA in Theatre Arts. At that time she began taking modern classes for enjoyment which began her gradual return to the dance world.

In the beginning of her sophomore year of college she discovered West Coast Swing. She instantly became an involved in the Rutgers University Swing Dance Club, and eventually co-founded Rutgers’ competitive Swing Dance Team after experiencing the exhilarating national West Coast Swing circuit. At that same time she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Minor in Dance, traveled to Italy to study international literature and film, and backpacked through Europe for two months before culminating her trip at Sea Sun Swing in France.

Along with being a constant student of the arts, she has actively studied the craft of teaching dance. Her purpose for teaching is to share the bliss and personal growth dance can inspire with other.

After college she began working at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio where she began studying American Style ballroom and latin. There she earned multiple instructor certifications. In 2014 she also became a certified West Coast Swing instructor through the Global Parter Dance Instructor Association. She currently continues to teach for the world renowned non-profit Dancing Classrooms, a social and emotional development oriented ballroom program for 4th and 5th graders in NYC. There she also earned a certification in The Dulaine Method of Teaching. She also adult beginner classes at Starlight Dance Center in Nutley, NJ a few nights a week.


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